Dutch BV formation

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Setting up a BV / BV incorporation

For entrepreneurs who want to set up or continue a business in The Netherland, is the creation of a Dutch BV (in English Dutch Limited) an ideal form. The company form BV provides a legal restriction of the private liability and has a better appearance than a sole proprietorship or a general partnership, especially if you're doing business internationally. Now incorporate your own BV in Holland!

Our service at the start / incorporation of your BV

We provide the complete establishment of a Dutch company, including:

- Tax advice in setting up the BV and clarification of the use of the BV (Director wages, dividend payments of the BV, advantages and disadvantages of the BV, CIT tax etc.)
- Contact with the notary and filing forms
- Handling all documentation for government agencies
- Registration at the Chamber of Commerce (Companies House)
- Request tax identification number / VAT number, payroll tax numbers and contact the Tax Office regarding open issues
- Support with contacting banks for the application of a bank account for the BV  

Formation time of a Dutch BV

The formation time depends on the speed of the delivery of your documents, Chamber of Commerce registration and opening bank account / deposit minimum capital, but on average should be taken into account a period of 1 to 2 weeks. After registration at the Chamber of Commerce of the BV i.f. (in formation usually within 2 days), you can already perform activities on behalf of the new BV i.f. Keep in mind that you are personally liable for the actions in this preliminary phase.  You can reduce the time frame of formation by depositing the share capital just after the definitive formation at the notary,. The BV will be fully incorporated and you will then open up a bank account and desposit the share capital.

Description activities / purpose

The BV can be established under each purpose, for example as an operating company, or as holding BV or management BV. We advise you always to broaden the objects and activity clause, so that in the future the BV can perform also other activities, and no additional trip to the notary is required.

Formation Deed BV and Articles of Association

During the establishment is a deed and articles of the BV drafted by the notary.
An example of a deed can be downloaded here in Dutch, and in the Englisch language.

Capital BV and Flex BV

Due to new regulations a Dutch BV can be incorporated with any capital you would desire. For example a capital of 1, 100 or 1000,- euro is possible, but also 0,01 eurocent is within the law
As an alternative to the payment, an asset contribution from the sharehiolder into the BV may also be done in the BV. Its value should be determined by an accountant/advisor.

A statement of the Justice Department is no longer necessary for the formation of the BV. This statement is abolished and replaced by a permanent form of supervision.

In order to fulfill the entire formation process, we need several data from you.
A list of the needed data can be requested.
To learn more, please contact or send an email to [email protected].

Benefits of the BV and liability

The reasons form setting up a BV instead of for example a sole proprietorship are:
• Protection of private property;
• Prevention of private liability;
• Professional look to suppliers and partners;
• Business activities abroad;
• Higher profit (expectation), the tax burden in a sole proprietorship becomes too high. The tax burden in a sole proprietorship in The Netherlands can be up to 52%;

Avoiding liability through a BV cannot always be prevented. You can be held personally liable if:
• Improper management has been committed;
• Taxes are not pay and disclosure of this problem is not timely reported to the Tax Office;
• You have the BV committed to excessive contracts, while you knew or could know that the BV could not bear this burden;

Company Income Tax BV

The rates are:

At a profit of 0 - 200,000, - euro a total of 20% corporate income tax is due;
At a profit from 200.000, - euro a total of 25% corporate income tax is due;

Mandatory wage director of the BV

We should also indicate that if you are a shareholder (more than 5% shareholder) and a director of the BV personally, you must receive a gross salary from the BV of at least 43,000, - euro (Article 12a Wage Tax Act). This would only apply that if you are full-time working for the BV. For example if you only work 20 hours per week for the BV, then the salary can possible be cut in half. It is advisable to previously have an agreement with the Tax Office in place. If required we can do this process for you. (included in our fee for establishing the BV)

If in your line of business a higher salary than 43,000, - euro gross is standard, then this higher salary is mandatory. Suppose a similar person with the same function and who is no shareholder will earn a salary of 60,000, - euro, then you should receive the same salary, and not the required 42,000, - euro. You should also watch out that you must earn not less than your employees.

Furthermore there is a focus on the social security contributions. If you have more than 50% of the shares / voting rights in the BV, then you do not have to pay for the social. When your part of shares is less than 50%, then the contributions are payable. The reason is that when you have more than 50% of the shares / voting rights you have all the powers in the BV, and for example a dismissal or suspension of your own contract with the BV cannot be forced against your will. In the case of a minority interest (less than 50%) this is not possible, and dismissal or suspension by the other shareholders is possible, and thus payments of social security contributions are mandatory.

Dividends BV

Supplementary to the salary you can also receive dividends from the BV.
The BV has to reserve the withholding tax on dividends, and this is 15% over the dividend paid in the case of payments to natural persons. In case of payment to other companies the dividend tax is mostly zero.
To learn more, please contact or send an email directly to [email protected].
The all-in cost for the establishment of a BV, including all-in service and counseling is 799, - euro plus 19% VAT. if you are non-Dutch. The formation diocuments and incorporation act are in English and in Dutch. Due to this fact the price of 799,- euro is 200,- euro higer than for Dutch clients.
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As an expat living in the Netherlands, Paul van Lier and his team have proved invaluable in providing me with clear and very helpful advise when setting up my new company. The process of establishing my B.V has been practically effortless, and Paul has always been there to answer my (many!) questions without delay!

Dealing with taxation and legal matters can be a daunting and complicated task, even more complicated when in a different country, but it has been a pleasure to deal with Paul and his team and I would recommend their services without any hesitation.

5 stars from me!
Review by N.Turner, Posted on 18-05-2015, 5 Stars.
Hallo, we kenden Paul al van wat internationale adviezen, dit keer de Nederlandse uitwerking van de bv neergelegd bij Van Lier Fiscaal Advies en super ! Prettig om te werken met een kundige partij die van de hoed en de rand weet ! Een aanrader.
Review by gaby, Posted on 28-06-2010, 5 Stars.

5 stars based on 2 reviews
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