Tax Audit in The Netherlands

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Tax Audit


The Tax inspection in The Netherlands (Belastingdienst) can request an audit regarding multiple taxes. In most cases they will check one speciific tax area in a small period of time, and expand from there. VAT audits are the most common.


Corporate Tax audits will check the height of the profits of a company, and can trigger discussions regarding costs and height of the turnover. Also interest costs and loans to affiliated companies can be a trigger point in the discussion.


The place of effective management and activities of a company will cause tax implications in the country in which these activities take place. This substance discussion is a very important part of the tax audit in international circumstances.


We can help you when an audit will be executed at your Dutch company. We perform the following services:


  • Communicate with the tax office
  • We arrange the appointments with the auditors and host the audits
  • We support you in presenting the correct facts and figures to the tax office
  • We object the decisions of the tax office when these are not based on the correct facts
  • We will negotiate on your behalf with the tax office to arrange the best possible outcome
  • We will advise you and guide you in this process


Please fee free to contact us for any questions on the audit or a second opinion on an actual audit report. The first consultation and advise how to proceed can be offered for a fixed fee of 125,- euro excl. VAT, After the consultation you can decide if you want to continue the procedure against the Tax Office or not.





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