German Limited complete formation

Excl. tax
Complete care of the creation of an English Limited, which is registered in Germany.

The Limited is a substitute for the German GmbH.
The Limited is incorporated and registered in England. After the formation, all documents will be translated into German, and the entry documents with regards to the German Amtsgericht / Chamber of Commerce will be prepared.

After formation, you receive the following documents:

- All constitutional documents in English
- All constitutional documents in German
- Assistance with registration, and documents for the CoC in Germany

The creation time is 2 working days.
For the German translation is complementary 5 working days needed.

Benefits of the UK Ltd:
- Rapid formation
- No bank declaration
- Minimum capital is to be established, and can therefore be very low
- No declaration of the Justice Department needed

Disadvantages of English Ltd:
- Annual commitments in England (Annual Return / Accounts)
- Fines and deregistration Ltd if the above is overdue;
- Opening bank accounts is more problematic
- a lower standing than a Dutch BV or a German GmbH

Outside the formation costs you must take into account the annual costs on the local address, and the filing of the Annual Return and Annual Account.

These annual costs are:

Registered office / An. Ret. / An. Acc: 250, -

If you want more information or questions, please contact our office.

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