online web meeting

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The online web-meeting is intended for clients who wish to discuss a specific topic, but require an efficient, time-saving appointment option to choose from.

The online web-meeting is possible if you have an Internet connection and a headset for communication. The web-meeting is held in a secure web environment where there is a possibility to share documents and editing, and see presentations. Through a VOIP connection which is similar to a telephone communication. If you have a webcam, the conversation online is no different than a personal meeting, as there is visual contact.

Do you want to discuss a topic using a web-meeting, order it via the checkout option.
We will contact you, to discuss the exact time of the web-meeting. Via email you will receive the credentials to join the Web meeting.

An important advantage of the web-meeting in relation to the normal appointment is time saving. As you do not have to travel, this meeting is also cheaper than a traditional appointment.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
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