BV or NV Bonaire (NL municipality), complete formation and guidance

Excl. tax
As of 10/10/2010, Bonaire a special municipality of the Netherlands. This community has its own tax rate for companies with a profit tax of 0%.
For distribution of this gain is a tax of 5% appilcable.
This tax Law was adopted by the Dutch government on October 7, 2010.

On Bonaire a company  is always a tax based in the Netherlands. Through a decision / statement from the Netherlands Tax Office can be ruled that the company is established on Bonaire. This decision is issued by the Tax Office if:

- Sales under the amount of $ 80,000, - remains, and the assets do not exceed $ 200,000, - and
- The company is actually located on Bonaire and max 50% of the assets are available to people outside Bonaire


- The firm has at least three employees and rents or owns one part of a commercial building with a value of $ 50,000, -.

We can assist with the establishment of a BV on Bonaire, and meet the requirements imposed by the Tax Office of the Caribbean Netherlands.

For further information please contact our office, per mail at or via contact us.
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